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Analytics & Optimization

Experimenting is a Good Thing.

So you have a marketing campaign with a specific goal in mind, like maybe you want to push a certain product or you want to drive people to sign up for your newsletter. You hope your campaign will accomplish this goal, so you launch it and wait to see what the results are.

We take this a step further and develop multiple strategies within a campaign. We track and monitor your projects, not to simply see if they were effective, but to also see if there were any unexpected results. Through data analysis and in-depth market research, we take your campaign to the next level by responding to the results. Visitor behavior is always changing and we make sure your campaign stays ahead of the trends by allowing the data (your customers) to guide us.

Too often we see companies launch marketing initiatives (websites, social media accounts, merchandising plans, etc.), then simply allow them to go stale. By watching how your target audience responds (or doesn’t respond), we constantly optimize and update your campaigns to reach the highest conversion rates possible.

Here are some areas Five One Digital
can help your optimization efforts:

Testing Multiple Experiences
With A/B & Multivariate Testing

If you’re not missing the target once in a while, you’re probably not trying anything new. We aren’t afraid to experiment once in a while, because we know that what successfully works with one demographic may not yield the same results with another. Let’s say you have an online store that sells clothing marketed towards teens. You have two demographics: the teens themselves and their parents. You launch a campaign hoping to reach the teens, but miss out on the parents’ purchasing power.

With A/B & Multivariate testing, we run multiple designs & functionalities at once, monitoring the users to make sure your visitors are getting the best user experience possible. For this example, we’d set an age metric and have teens see variants of one campaign, while parents see variants of another. We may run two different homepage designs and track the conversions to determine the best homepage design for each metric. We try to get it right on the first try, but we understand adapting to the customer. With our expertise in testing and analytics, you can be confident that your project is optimized to meet your goals.