In April 2014 we redesigned our website
because we wanted a fresh, modern
telling of our story.

It’s Important To Know
Where You Came From

..And we understand that. When we launched our brand new website design & user experience, we didn’t completely throw away the old look. Below you can take a look at the theme we had on our website up until April 2014, when we decided it was best to refresh our own brand & retell our own story.

This theme was a custom built WordPress theme, just like our current design.  WordPress is a great content management system and we specialize in leveraging it as a content management system. This makes updating our clients’ websites (and our own) easy because the content can stay in place while we continually update & optimize the site. This is crucial to developing a brand and a truly engaging website. We don’t just do this for our clients. We know it’s important to our brand as well. Here’s a look at the old design:

Five One Digital Pre-2014

Five One Digital Pre-2014

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