Powerful Social Marketing Campaigns.
The active engagement of users
provides the best kind of organic reach.

More than just a buzzword, social marketing provides an effective approach to connect with a target audience. For growing brands this very human connection is absolutely crucial in an ever expanding virtual world.

We work closely with an emerging national brand, Gelmix Thickener, to leverage engaging social marketing campaigns to both increase awareness of their product and provide a direct line of engagement and communication with the brand. Gelmix is an organic infant milk thickener with a target audience of physicians and parents with infants that require thickened feeds.

Capitalizing on an already praised product, we launched the Faces of Gelmix campaign to encourage consumers to provide testimonials and share their experience with the product. We provided incentive to leave a testimonial and photo by offering a discount coupon for the product, and leveraged social media to make their stories shareable. Within no time, we launched the new Faces of Gelmix page seen below.

Faces of Gelmix Social Marketing Campaign

It was important that we built a dynamic campaign that brought in new, informative content for potential consumers. For current consumers, it allowed for a direct connection with the brand and allowed them to effortlessly share their brand experience with their friends on social media. Of course when current consumers share their #FacesOfGelmix stories, more potential consumers see them. The active engagement of users provides the best kind of organic reach.


Five One Digital also provides custom social media management for Gelmix, with the understanding that social media is much more than a platform to promote a product. It provides a direct line of communication for consumers to quickly connect with a brand or company. A custom coupon tab provides an incentive to Like the Gelmix Facebook page for a product discount, however the high level of engagement between the consumer and Gelmix is a testament to quality content and strong social management.

Custom FAcebook TAbs

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