Local Iconic Branding
Sawicki Law in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Typographic Logo Design

Custom Professional Logo Designs

Take a look at the typographic designs we created for Sawicki Law, a Fort Lauderdale family law firm.  The firm wanted a professional, albeit modern typographic logo to represent the spirit of Sawick Law, while reflecting the local art deco style of historic South Florida.

Ft Lauderdale Logo Design

The mock-up sketches are crucial to our logo design process. From the sketches, we learn what direction the client wants to take the brand, and of course style likes/dislikes. From the review of sketches, we take the best elements and create another set of mock-ups, making changes until the final logo is born. Once completed, we packaged the high resolution logos for our clients to use on any medium, from the web to large print banners.

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